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Sometimes dirt shows up at the worst of times. Never is that more true than when it comes to asbestos, vermiculite, and mold. Luckily for you, they’re our deepest adversaries and we’ve been cleaning them out for over ten years. We know exactly how to get them out of your building. We know exactly how to get them out of your home. The next time they come around, let us know.

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Let Us Protect Your Family.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a hazardous material used regularly in building materials for older homes and properties. As the material is extremely dangerous to humans, full removal is the only way to assure safety and prevention of chronic or fatal disease.


Often times, homeowners don’t think about the potential hazards that are involved in demolition work such as renovations and restorations. Anytime you disrupt building materials, there is a chance that asbestos or other hazardous my present themselves. This is why hiring experts to inspect and handle demolition is always the safer option.

Vermiculite Removal

If you have Vermiculite in your home or property, it may or may not have hazardous chemicals like asbestos in it. The EPA strongly recommends that “you should never attempt to remove the insulation yourself.” Instead, hire professionals with the training and expertise for safe removal.

Asbestos Testing

Disturbing an area that has asbesto will cause the material to become airborne and the area hazardous to people. That is why asbestos testing is best handled by professionals who have completed training and understand how to handle material without causing a health hazard.

Mould Removal

Mould is a fungus that will eat away at building material such as wallpaper, drywall, and carpet. Mould is also dangerous for human health. Similar to asbestos, mould is difficult to fully remove from a building without professional help.

We Live to Protect.

Protecting our customers is our #1 goal in life.  The final step in our abatement process is to sample and test the air quality. A Removal Clearance Report will then be issued to certify the air quality meets or exceeds legislative requirements and Alberta Occupational Health and Safety standards. This Final Clearance Report will act as a certificate, so to speak, providing our guarantee that the asbestos removal is complete.

We've Been Here Before.

Through experience and education comes skill and expertise. Looking for the best and most reliable? Experience should be a serious consideration when choosing an asbestos removal contractor for your project. Led by a professional team of experts, Wise Abatement is equipped with the resources, skill set, experience and ability to complete your project safely. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that it’s completed to the highest level of workmanship.

We Never Turn To The Darkside.

Our company pushes to be the most transparent and ethical in it’s class. Wise Abatement holds a valid license with the City of Calgary as asbestos removal contractors. In addition, Wise Abatement also has contractor’s liability insurance ($5 million), pollution liability insurance ($2 million) & WCB in place to protect ourselves and our customers in the event of an accident, injury, or property damage. While this insurance is in place as a precaution, we will do everything in our power to mitigate and manage risks to avoid these types of events.

We Have A Code.

To change the lives of others through couragious, rightious, and giving action. Honesty, integrity and dependability are at the core of our company to ensure you have the highest level of service and satisfaction every time. You can trust the experts at Wise Abatement to not only provide you with asbestos services at a competitive price, but also ensure all work is completed in a safe, reliable, and professional manner.

Our Customers Know Best.

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking.

I ended up buying a home that had Zonolite in the attic and the seller agreed to have it removed allowing me to contact the company that he selected for the work. I’ve got some experience with asbestos abatement projects so I wasn’t going into the conversation blind. After spending some time chatting with Jason I was super pleased that he was chosen to do the work. He answered all of my questions – not only during that initial call but also during follow up calls. The attic wasn’t easy to work in yet Jason and his crew had it nicely cleaned up in plenty of time for the possession date. He also takes care to protect his crew diligently and uses the latest technology to get everything clean. I may end up having to do some more abatement work in the future and wouldn’t hesitate to have Wise Abatement do the work. They really gave me peace of mind before moving in.

Out of 6 companies I called, Jason at WISE Abatement was the only person to call me back. He did not require photos first – ( other comapanies did which meant I had to crawl into my attic to get them; which is essentially putting the customer at risk). He called me on a Monday long weekend!
He had application ready same day and permit within two days. He showed up a day early and beat his own deadline! Everyone on his team was curtious and polite. Price very competitive. This is a nasty job and I am grateful for those who choose to do the work. The WISE GUYS ( lol). Are defintely worth buying lunch.

Was given a referral to use Wise Abatement and will be referring them to people. Amazing company threw out. Jason came by the house and took a look and walked me threw the job and how things are done. Came by at end of job to do a final walk threw and asked if we had any questions and followed up a week later to check in. The team was very professional and the work was well done. I was impressed how clean the whole site was at end of the job. Highly recommend Wise Abatement for Asbestos removal or any other service they provide.

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