Determine if and where you may have it. 

The Testing Process

Whether you’re planning a project or just curious to test for asbestos, Wise Abatement has you covered.

 One of our trained technicians will come to your site and ask a series of question determine which materials should be sampled and tested for the presence of asbestos. These samples will then be tested in a certified laboratory, and an analysis (report) will be provided with the findings.

 If any materials needing to be removed are found to contain asbestos, we are happy to provide a free detailed estimate and get to work.

Asbestos Testing FAQ’s

Should I test for asbestos?
Asbestos was used in a variety of construction materials in homes, offices and commercial buildings up to the late 1980’s. To be safe, testing is recommended for any building/renovations completed before 1990.

Vermiculite insulation in attics and walls was similarly used in residential and commercial buildings until the mid-80’s and should be removed accordingly.

Buying or selling a home?
Yes! If you are planning to buy or sell a home build before 1990 we recommend testing any materials in the property with the potential to contain asbestos. Both buyers and sellers like to know if there’s any asbestos containing materials in the building, and if so, how much. This will help in the decision making process and budgeting for any potential or planned renovations.

If no asbestos is found, it gives peace of mind to all parties.

How do I test for asbestos and how long does it take?
Our trained technician will consult and collect samples suspected of containing asbestos from your project area for analysis in a certified lab. Results typically take two business days to process, however results can be available within 3 hours, should you require.
Is it safe to test an occupied area?
Yes. Our trained technicians use the safest methods for collecting samples which minimizes the potential for any asbestos fibres being released. Once the sample is collected, the removal site (typically a discreet area not easily disturbed) will be secured to prevent any fibre release.
What if asbestos containing material is found?

From the City of Calgary Website:

“In the event that asbestos is discovered, or a change to your scope of work has resulted in the potential for releasing asbestos for a project that already has a permit, you are expected to:

  1. immediately stop work; and
  2. address the asbestos that has been encountered by:
    a) providing notification as required by OH&S by completing the Asbestos Project Notification form; and
    b) ensuring asbestos will be dealt with according to OHS requirements; and
  3. submit a building permit revision to include a revised Asbestos Abatement form acknowledging the removal of asbestos before resuming work pursuant to the building permit.”
Should we remove asbestos if we are NOT disturbing it?
Asbestos only becomes dangerous once it’s airborne and inhaled. There’s no requirement to remove asbestos that will remain un-disturbed, however some choose to remove asbestos containing materials from their property simply for peace of mind.
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